EastEnders Best Ever Baddies

EastEnders Best Ever Baddies

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EastEnders Best Baddies

Albert Square has seen its fair share of villains throughout the years. Take a look at our list of ‘Best Ever Baddies’.

There has been murders, cons, kidnaps and adultery to name a few. But who is the baddest of them all? We’ll leave that one to you…


Archie Mitchell

Archie Mitchell

Charismatic, kind-hearted and a loving family man is how Archie Mitchell seemed to most. But those that knew him well (mainly his family), knew that he was in fact malicious, twisted and just a horrible, horrible man.

When he found out that his teenage daughter Ronnie was pregnant, he made her put the baby up for adoption. Years later, he told Ronnie that her daughter had died not long after she was born. But that wasn’t true. When the girl turned up in Walford looking for her mother, Archie manipulated the situation and made Ronnie believe that the girl was crazy.

Archie went on to marry his ex-sister-in-law Peggy Mitchell and began controlling her – telling her what she could and couldn’t wear and distancing her from her friends. Luckily Peggy realised just what he is like and left him. She even told son Phil to kill him…

In the end Archie was murdered, but not by Phil. Months after his death we found out that Stacey Slater – who he had previously raped – was the one who bludgeoned the man to death with the Queen Victoria bust.


‘Dirty’ Den Watts

Den Watts

Den was the original ‘baddie’ of Albert Square and he was so bad that he even came back from the dead!

He was known mostly for his volatile relationship with wife Angie and for his adulterous ways. He even got 16 year old Michelle Fowler preggers whilst he was married to Ang’, which is how he got the nickname ‘Dirty Den’.

He had a lot to do with the criminal gang ‘The Firm’ throughout his years, and was often seen feuding with members. It was The Firm that organised his death back in 1989 – who can forget the gun shot from the bunch of daffodils?! Turns out he wasn’t killed and he returned to the Square years later with the famous line “Ello Princess”.

In the last few years of his life, Den continued to manipulate people and carried on with his womanising ways. He slept with Sam Mitchell to get revenge on enemy Phil, he started an affair with Zoe Slater whilst married to Chrissie Watts and in the end, it was Chrissie who killed him.


Johnny Allen

Johnny Allen

East End gangster Johnny Allen wasn’t on our screens for long, but he was definitely one of Walford’s biggest villains.

We didn’t often see Johnny get his hands dirty (like when he hired a hitman to kill Dennis Rickman), but that changed when he pushed enemy Andy Hunter off a motorway bridge. Thanks to Peggy Mitchell though, we learnt that he had been pretty violent in his past, including cutting someone’s fingers off!

Luck ran out for Johnny when his daughter Ruby found out the true extent of her father’s crimes and gave him an ultimatum – confess to everything or she will disown him. He did confess everything and was sentenced to life in jail. He didn’t have to serve much of it though as he had a heart attack and died whilst in there…


Steve Owen

Steve Owen

Not long after being introduced to Steve Owen did we know he was a bad egg. Despite being in a relationship with Mel, he slept with Saskia and then later killed her. As you do. And of course, he framed someone else for her murder.

Steve went on to marry Mel, though later found out that she spent a night of passion with Phil Mitchell. Over the next few years, Steve did everything he could to infuriate Phil, including pretending to sleep with his girlfriend Sharon and actually sleeping with his sister Sam.

The final showdown between the pair was a tense car chase (Phil chasing Steve just FYI), with Phil unaware that his baby daughter Louise was in the back seat. When Steve crashed into a barrel of petrol, his car was immediately engulfed in flames. Despite being the baddie that he was, Steve did the only decent thing he’s ever done and passed a crying baby Louise to Phil, moments before his car exploded.


Phil & Grant Mitchell

Phil and Grant Mitchell

We couldn’t do a ‘baddie’ list without including the Mitchell brothers. The two thugs that always had their fists ready and raring to go. As much as we love ‘em, they’ve done some pretty nasty things over the years.

Phil has had numerous feuds since his arrival on Albert Square back in 1990. Steve Owen, Dan Sullivan, Dennis Rickman, Den Watts and Johnny Allen are just a few names. But how could we forget his feud with his former step-son Ian Beale (he was married to Ian’s mum Kathy remember?). Flushing Ian’s head down the toilet wasn’t exactly the usual Walford villain standard, but it sure made for good viewing!

And then of course he slept with his brother’s fiancé Sharon, which is never cool.

Despite Phil’s dodgy dealings, aggressive behaviour and ‘hard man’ status, it was actually Grant who was the real nutcase. Phil definitely showed a more of a softer side, especially in recent years, whereas Grant was more hot-headed, more violent and just a bigger thug. But it was revealed that Grant’s behaviour was down to post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the army.

Though he didn’t actually kill her (it was Frank Butcher who mowed her down), we still think that Grant was responsible for Tiffany Mitchell’s death. If he hadn’t have taken baby Courtney, she wouldn’t have been hysterically chasing him and then she wouldn’t have been knocked to the ground by an oncoming car. Just sayin’.


‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton

Nick Cotton

Another original villain of Albert Square was Nick Cotton, or ‘Nasty Nick’ which suits him much better. He has been in and out of the show since it first began and we can’t think of one good thing he has done!

On his list is the murder of Reg Cox, the murder of Eddie Royal, causing the death of his son Ashley (even if it was unintentional) and more recently, being responsible for the death of Emma Summerhayes and putting Ronnie Mitchell in a coma.

However, it was his relationship with his mother, the lovely Dot Cotton, that made him particularly evil. She would have done anything for him, and often went above and beyond for her waste-of-space son (like going to a crack house and buying heroin for him?!). He lied to her, he stole from her and he even tried to kill her… more than once.

A lot of baddies in Easties were quite polished, charming and even good-looking (we’re looking at you Michael Moon)… but Nick was none of those things. His image definitely fit his name. Greasy hair, scruffy clothing and that menacing grin of his… *shudders*

He was addicted to heroin for the majority of his life, and anything he did was centred around that fact. So it was only fitting that he eventually died from a heroin overdose in February this year.



Janine Butcher

Janine Butcher

Oh Janine, mean old Janine. The ‘super-bitch’ of Albert Square. Where do we start with this one?

As a child she was a bit of a nightmare. She stole, she lied, she ran away… and she had a deep hatred for her step-mother Pat Butcher. (God rest her earring wearing soul).

The Queen of manipulation, Janine seduced local Barry Evans and planned to fleece him for everything he owned. She married him thinking he was pretty much on death’s door, but when she found out it was a false alarm, she pushed him off a cliff and watched him die. Lovely.

It’s always been about money with Janine and she even married an elderly Jewish man with a hefty bank balance (and pretended she was Jewish, obvs). Unluckily for her, he had a heart attack on their wedding day and she didn’t receive a penny.

If she wasn’t ripping off some poor un-expecting victim, she was blackmailing someone or sleeping with someone she shouldn’t.

Her last victim was her husband Michael Moon, who she stabbed in *kind of* self-defence. Before she was found guilty of his murder (thanks to a taped confession and some blackmail… karma!) she let someone else take the blame in true Janine style.


Andy Hunter

Andy Hunter

Gangster Andy was a member of organised crime gang ‘The Firm’ – which sounds more Hollywood than Walford to us, but anyway. He was responsible for many deaths, including Paul Trueman (remember him?!), who he hired a hitman to kill.

He also made enemies with lovely Alfie Moon which is never a good thing in our books. He planned to marry Kat but on their wedding day Alfie ran in declaring his love for her. He pleaded with her not to marry Andy, which she didn’t – yay! Not best pleased with being ditched at the altar, Andy made Kat sleep with him to pay off Alfie’s debt. She initially refused but Andy threatened to have Alfie killed. Evil man. To really dig the knife in, he taped the encounter and showed it to poor Alf’. Luckily it didn’t break them up!

Andy went on to marry Sam Mitchell. True love? Not likely. He fleeced her for everything she had and left her homeless.

The end came for Andy when he was murdered by enemy Johnny Allen after he attempted to steal a whole lotta cash from him. Johnny pushed him off a motorway footbridge and made it look like suicide. Clever? Evil? You decide.


Stella Crawford

Stella Crawford

Soon after arriving on the Square, Stella Crawford began a relationship with Phil Mitchell and took on the role of step-mummy to little Ben Mitchell. However, as soon as she moved in with Phil and Ben, we all saw her for what she was. Evil, twisted and quite frankly, a little sick in the head.

She subjected Ben to months of abuse, both mentally and physically. Of course Phil suspected nothing as she played the loving, caring mother figure extremely well.

After getting Ben to convince Phil to propose, Ben finally spilled the beans about how she was treating him.

This led to a very dramatic scene with both Stella and an angry Phil on a rooftop, which resulted in Stella throwing herself off and committing suicide.


Trevor Morgan

Trevor Morgan

Trevor Morgan was married to Little Mo Slater and put her through years of domestic abuse. He was an evil, evil man and was constantly humiliating Little Mo in any way he could. Not satisfied with the mental and physical abuse, he went on to sexually abuse her.

We all jumped for joy back on New Year’s Eve 2001 when she finally stood up for herself after he attacked her, and she hit him over the head with an iron. We all thought she had killed him but our hearts sunk a little when she returned to the scene to find him gone.

His manipulative ways were back and after attacking Kat, he bargained with her – if she didn’t press charges, he would drop the charges against Little Mo which will release her from prison. (She was in for attempted murder after the iron incident, keep up).

Trevor saw his end when he took Little Mo hostage at the Slater home. He threatened to start a fire but was gobsmacked when Mo said she wasn’t afraid of him, and that he was too much of a coward to do it. Like a red flag to a bull, Trevor went for Mo one last time, and subsequently knocked the lighter onto the petrol soaked floor. Little Mo was rescued from the house fire but Trevor was killed when the house exploded. And we don’t miss him. Not one little bit.


Yusef Khan

Yusef Khan

Yusef Khan arrived on Albert Square as the new GP in 2011 and it was revealed that he was Zainab Masood’s ex-husband. However, it wasn’t the lovey-dovey first love kinda marriage that we thought… Turns out, it was an arranged marriage when they were teenagers and after Zainab fell in love (and consequently had an affair) with Masood, Yuset set her on fire. Normal behaviour for an EastEnders villain we think.

Yusef spent the next few months manipulating Zainab. He broke down her relationship with Masood, which resulted in divorce and started giving her pills. He even made it look like she had taken an overdose when he had in fact drugged her. Long gone was the feisty woman we all knew and loved.

Yusef remarried Zainab and planned to take her and her young son Kamil to live in Pakistan. After he became violent with her, Zainab realised that he was still an evil man, and refused to leave with him. In revenge, Yuset set fire to the Bed & Breakfast with Masood (her true love) trapped inside, and gloated to Zainab about what he had done. Clever Zainab told him that his daughter is inside, causing him to run straight into the burning building. Spoiler: she wasn’t.

With Masood rescued and safe, Yusef realised that Zainab had tricked him just before he collapsed and was engulfed in flames. Well played Zainab, well played.


Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson

Warm, kind-hearted, spiritual pastor on the outside. Cold blooded killed on the inside. Lucas’ first victim was his ex-wife Trina. After a pretty heated argument he pushed her in to a rake, which pierced her neck. Instead of getting her help, he left her to die. Strike one.

Next on his list was Owen Turner, who became suspicious about his involvement in Trina’s death. When Lucas realised he knew the truth, he strangled him to death. In a sick twist, the preacher buried his body under Trina’s memorial tree. Strike two.

Finally, after re-kindling his romance with Denise Fox, Lucas attempted to baptise her in the canal (because obviously that’s where all the cool kids get baptised, lol), but she refused to let it happen. Like Jekyll and Hyde, Lucas switched… He faked Denise’s suicide and kept her imprisoned in the basement of an empty house. He killed a local prostitute who looked like Denise and dumped her body in the canal. His crazy plan worked as when the police recovered the body, they assumed it to be Denise’s. Strike three.

He eventually lets Denise go but attempts to take his whole family hostage. This time he failed and he was arrested soon after.

Oh, and he also killed the family dog. Sick sick sick.


Special mentions

With so many baddies to have graced Walford during its 30 year history, we thought it was only right to give the following baddies a special mention:

  • Dr May WrightMay WrightShe kidnapped Dawn Swan and attempted to perform a caesarean on her, so she could steal her unborn baby. Twisted.





  • Sean SlaterSean SlaterHe started a relationship with Ruby Allen because of her wealth. He plotted with Tanya to bury husband Max alive. He kidnapped Roxy’s daughter Amy when he found out he wasn’t her father. But he kinda did all of those things out of love… So he’s not all bad! Oh, but he did get revenge on Chelsea Fox by cutting her hair whilst she was asleep. That wasn’t out of love… that was just mean.



  • Chrissie WattsChrissie WattsAnother EastEnders bitch. She hacked off her co-worker Kate’s hair and smashed up her salon when she found out she had slept with her husband Dirty Den. Speaking of her husband, she eventually killed him and let Zoe Slater take the blame for it.



  • Tony KingTony KingHe groomed and sexually abused his step-daughter Whitney Dean from a young age. When she turned 16 he realised she wasn’t a child any more and was no longer attracted to her. He also had his sights on young Lauren Branning. Sicko.



  • Cindy BealeCindy BealeShe had many affairs whilst married to Ian Beale. She fell pregnant after sleeping with Simon Wicks but let Ian believe that her was the baby daddy. She also hired a hitman to kill Ian. Just divorce him, jeez’.



  • Ben MitchellBen MitchellAlways has been a bit… weird. He stalked his own dad, that’s weird. And then told the police that his dad killed Stella, which he didn’t… weird again. But then he went from weird to EVIL when he murdered (George Michael loving) Heather Trott.
  • Dotty CottonDotty CottonThe evil spawn of Nick Cotton. She tried to kill her grandmother Dot. ‘Nuff said.





  • Steven BealeSteven BealeAngry and bitter after finding out that Ian Beale wasn’t his biological father, he stalked him and then took him hostage. He went to take his own life when he was found out by shooting himself (bit dramatic hey?!), but shot Jane in the process. Messed up kid.



  • Dean WicksDean WicksRapist. Rapist. Rapist.




  • Bobby BealeBobby Beale‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’ we asked for almost a year. BOBBY DID.




  • Terry BatesTerry BatesHe killed Jase Dyer the night before he was due to marry Dawn Swan. And one of our fave characters Jay Brown was left without a dad.



  • Owen TurnerOwen-TurnerHe kidnapped his own daughter Libby and tried to kill her. He was later killed by Lucas… though we’re not sure he deserved that.




  • Derek BranningDerek BranningHe split up his sister Carol and her first love David. He did numerous dodgy deals and ripped lots of people off. More importantly, he had an affair with Kat which broke Alfie’s heart.


  • Michael MoonMichael MoonAh Michael Moon. He manipulated many and caused a lot of drama. He’s probably the hottest psychopath ever. He tried to kill his wife (though it was Janine so we kind of understand). He stabbed a lot of people in the back… which ironically, is how he died. We miss his face. Lots.



So what do you think? Have we missed anyone? And who do you think is the baddest baddie out of the bunch?

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