EastEnders Spoiler: Denise visits killer ex Lucas Johnson

EastEnders Spoiler: Denise visits killer ex Lucas Johnson

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Next week Denise Fox finally gives in and agrees to go and see her ex Lucas Johnson in prison. Though this might not be one of her best ideas – and let’s face it, she’s had a few! (Ian Beale anyone?!)

Anyway, Lucas has been trying to convince Denise to visit him for a while now after she raised concerns about his son Jordan. Though initially reluctant to visit the killer, she starts to have second thoughts and confides to pal Shirley about her dilemma. It seems Shirl’ is in the same boat as she is trying to decide whether or not to go and see her son Dean in prison.

Denise explains to Shirley that she isn’t in love with her ex, she simply wants to discuss his son Jordan as she is worried about him. At the end of the conversation, it is clear that Denise’s mind is made… she’s going ahead with the visit.


When lonely Denise comes face to face with Lucas for the first time, it becomes apparent that she does still have feelings for him. Whether she chooses to act on those feelings is something we must keep our eye on! We really hope not!


Of course, evil Lucas picks up on these feelings and uses them to his advantage, slowly but surely, reeling Denise back in.

The day after the prison visit, Lucas’s sister Gloria goes to see Denise where the pair discuss their fears about Jordan. Gloria agrees to try and track the young boy down, but Patrick quietly tells her if she does find him, she must call him first and not Denise.


Patrick then confesses that he doesn’t trust Lucas or his son, but will his fears be enough to stop Denise getting involved?



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