Episode preview: Dot makes a mistake in court – Thurs 14th May

Episode preview: Dot makes a mistake in court – Thurs 14th May

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Dot's trial continues

Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 14th May at 7:30pm on BBC1.

It’s Charlie’s turn to give evidence in court and Ronnie decides to go and support her husband. When giving his evidence, Dot can’t help but interrupt and is ordered to remain silent by the judge. Though previously deciding not to give evidence herself, Dot changes her mind and bravely enters the witness box to give her side of the story. However, when the prosecution turns her own evidence against her, it’s clear that Dot has made a mistake…

Family and friends support Dot...
Family and friends support Dot…

Back on the Square, Lee doesn’t want to go to the hospital to see his baby sister as he is struggling to deal with not knowing who the biological father is. Mick tells his son that the baby is definitely a Carter and though he isn’t 100% convinced himself, it is enough for Lee who heads to the hospital soon after.

Meanwhile, after Dean tells Shirley that he has been to see the baby, she decides that she wants to go too. When she turns up with Buster and Dean in tow, Mick isn’t happy and orders Dean to leave. Shirley then tells her sons that they must do a DNA test for everyone’s sake.

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