Episode preview – Friday 24th April

Episode preview – Friday 24th April

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Babe lashes out at Sylvie…

Episode will be broadcast on Friday 24th April at 8:00pm on BBC1.

Babe lashes out at Sylvie

After learning about Stan’s death, Sylvie plans to visit her family and offer her support, but Babe has other ideas. When the sister’s clash, Babe takes it one step too far and lashes out at Sylvie.

As Babe continues to manipulate her, Sylvie threatens to call the police and tell them the truth about what happened years ago. She is forced to back down however, when Babe reminds her that she was also involved.

Sonia supports Tina

Meanwhile, Sonia is there for Tina when she confides in her about the family troubles. Spurred on by their chat, Tina visits Shirley and gives her a piece of her mind. Tina is left shocked when Shirley opens up about how it feels having to choose between her two sons every day. Which gives Tina an idea…

Also today, as Kim tells Denise everything about the past couple of months, including all about Vincent, the sisters are unaware that he is in Walford and he’s been keeping an eye on Kim…

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