Episode preview: Mon 27th April – It’s a stressful day for Max

Episode preview: Mon 27th April – It’s a stressful day for Max

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Max gets some bad news

It’s a stressful day for Max…

Episode will be broadcast on Monday 27th April at 8:00pm on BBC1

Max receives some bad news today when Karin Smart returns to the Square and tells him that the police are investigating the stolen cars. After failing to find Phil to ask for his help, he turns to Charlie, Jay and Ben who assist in getting rid of the cars.

Karin shocks Max and Phil

Things get even worse for Max when Karin later returns and informs him and Phil that the situation is more serious than she thought, leaving Max in a pretty embarrassing situation. Once Karin leaves, Phil demands that Max sign The Arches back over to him or he will go to the police about the stolen motors.

Meanwhile in Walford, Aunt Babe organises a lunch to try and repair Mick and Shirley’s relationship. However, the manipulative so-and-so wasn’t being nice, she just wanted to tell Mick that he should consider buying Shirley out of The Vic, which she believes will help the family move on. Hmm. We think there’s more to it with this one…

A brick is thrown through the window

Later at Blades, everyone is stunned when a brick is hurled through the window.

Elsewhere, Kim is finally able to bring baby Pearl home but she isn’t pleased when she finds half the Carter gang in her home. She confronts her sister Denise about letting them stay but is unaware that Buster offered Denise money to keep her on side.

Also today, Stacey receives a letter asking her to testify at Dot’s murder trial and then goes on to lose her job at the salon when Dean returns to work. Stace also finds out that Kat has received another letter asking her to testify against Harry.

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