Episode preview – Monday 20th April

Episode preview – Monday 20th April

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Linda prepares to confront Dean…

Episode will be broadcast on Monday 20th April at 8:00pm on BBC1.

After receiving the devastating news last week that there isn’t enough evidence and the case has been dropped against Dean, Linda faces another blow tonight when Shirley tells her he is being released from prison and will be attending Stan’s funeral. With Mick still furious after hearing the news, Linda decides to keep the information to herself.

Dean returns home
Dean returns home…


Linda waits for Dean
…and Linda is waiting


They are shocked to see Linda waiting...

Later on, when Shirley and Buster bring Dean home, they are all stunned to see Linda waiting for them. She tells them she wants to speak to Dean alone…

Elsewhere, Cora hears that Dot doesn’t want to attend Jim’s funeral so she decides go visit her. The ladies begin by bickering but eventually understand each other’s grief. Cora’s visit pays off and Dot changes her mind about the funeral.

Carol continues to struggle following her father’s death and looks for support in Max. However the siblings argue when Max tells her he won’t be going to the funeral. When Abi hears this, she lays into her father, which leads Max to change his mind.

Meanwhile, with Les still away, Billy turns to Alfie for help as he is struggling with planning two funerals.

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