Episode preview – Thursday 9th April

Episode preview – Thursday 9th April

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Stan and Cora marry

Stan and Cora’s wedding day arrives

Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 9th April at 7:30pm on BBC1.

Knowing that time is running out, Stan has brought forward his wedding to Cora Cross and today is the big day. However, Mick and Shirley are still hostile towards each other and refuse to be in the same room. Poor Tina has had enough and tells Shirley exactly that. Shirley later comes back to the hospital with Buster, which Mick is not happy about.

Sylvie visits Stan

Whilst all this tension going on, Stan has an emotional moment with his ex-wife Sylvie, who has paid him a visit. During their conversation, it becomes clear that Stan is keeping something from his wife-to-be Cora.

Eagle eyed Babe spots the touching moment between Stan and Sylvie and delights in telling Cora. She expects it will cause a row between the pair, but her manipulative plan doesn’t come off. When Stan realises what she tried to do, he gives her some harsh words and tells her to leave.

Elsewhere on the Square, Carol receives a life changing phone call where she learns her father Jim has passed away…

Martin decides to bite the bullet and tell Sonia about him losing the house, but chooses the wrong moment as Sonia is devastated at hearing the news about Jim.

Karin meets Max Max and Karin kiss

Meanwhile, a new face arrives in Walford today in the form of newly widowed Karin Smart. She is looking for Phil Mitchell but it is Max who crosses her path and the pair end up back at his place. And it’s not for coffee…
Also today, a social worker visits Kat and Alfie and it becomes clear that despite his support, Kat has a long way to go with her recovery.
A social worker visits Kat and Alfie

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