Gossip: Is Dot in trouble over Nick’s death?

Gossip: Is Dot in trouble over Nick’s death?

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Dot and Nick

Eastenders viewers knew that the return of ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton was never going to end well, and it looks like his long-suffering ‘Ma’ Dot’s life may well be thrown into turmoil next month.

Nick Cotton is finally due to meet his end in February during the special ‘Live Week’ series of shows celebrating the soap’s 30th year, and his death will bring even more trouble to the Cotton family as rumours are that Dot is to be charged with the murder of her own son.

Eastenders bosses are keeping tight-lipped regarding this potentially explosive storyline, so all we have is gossip and rumours at the minute.

What we do know though is that after faking his own death last year, Nick Cotton will finally be out of Dot’s life forever. His last movements and the exact nature of his death are all closely guarded secrets on the Eastenders set at the minute – all the better to keep viewers guessing right until the last minute.

Speaking recently about the return of Nick Cotton, actor John Altman said:

“I’m back for a reasonable amount of time. But Nick isn’t going to stick around for long – he never does!”

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