Grant is back (again) for ‘Mitchell’s week’ – trailer

Grant is back (again) for ‘Mitchell’s week’ – trailer

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Grant and Phil Mitchell in Eastenders

Next week is ‘Mitchell’s week’ in Albert Square, and guess who’s back to join in the fun?

Yep, Grant is back… again for what promises to be an epic week.

Grant is forced into action when his nephew Ben and Jay find themselves in trouble when Paul Coker’s murderers strike again – this time bundling Ben and Jay into a van and kidnapping them.

Phil is desperate to go after them, but his health issues mean he is unable to – so Grant steps in and teams up with his son Mark Fowler to track down the killers.

Will he reach them in time? Will he discover the truth about Mark? Expect there to be a lot of ups and downs before it’s all over.

Watch the trailer for Mitchell’s Week below and remember, “In the end, Mitchells always stick together”.

EastEnders kicks off the big Mitchell week on Monday, September 5 at 8pm on BBC One.

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