Is Phil back on the booze? Ben gets to the truth

Is Phil back on the booze? Ben gets to the truth

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Phil and Louise Mitchell

You’d think the last thing Phil Mitchell should be doing right now is drinking, given the state of his health and the fact that his son Ben has offered him his liver. But that’s exactly what Sharon and Louise think is happening in scenes to be shown next week.

Sharon sees that all is not well with Phil’s behaviour, and agrees with his daughter Louise that it looks like the alcoholic Phil is back on the booze. Sharon doesn’t want anything to do with him if that is the case, so Louise has to turn to Phil’s ex Shirley for help.

Sharon and Louise Mitchell talk

When Phil is confronted about his potential lapse back to drink, he insists he hasn’t touched a drop. His denials are not enough for Ben though, who tells Louise they should inform the doctor about Phil’s behaviour.

With Phil seemingly off the wagon, will Ben still be prepared to donate part of his liver to his ailing dad? And if not, what comes next for the Mitchell’s when/if Phil’s health gets even worse?

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