Is this the end for Grant Mitchell? Rumours are character is to be killed off

Is this the end for Grant Mitchell? Rumours are character is to be killed off

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Grant Mitchell killed

Mitchell Week could well be the end for Grant Mitchell, as rumours of the characters impending death are beginning to gain momentum.

Last night viewers saw a touching moment between Grant and his brother Phil, as Grant sets off to rescue Phil’s son Ben from the gang that killed Paul Coker.

As this week has already been confirmed as Grant’s final ever stint on Albert Square, it seems that the show’s writers could be preparing to end the character’s story with a bang. And what better way to do that than see Grant sacrificing his own life for that of his nephew?

Below we look at the evidence and foreshadowing that could hint that this is the end for Grant Mitchell…

Making amends with Phil

Grant Mitchell
The episode on Monday night showed that, despite all their differences and problems over the years, the brotherly bond between the Mitchell’s is still well and truly in tact. After collapsing, the worse for wear Phil pleaded with Grant to save Ben, and the two brother’s ‘shared a moment’.

Grant saving Ben would be the ultimate way of restoring the brotherly bond between him and Phil, and it would also lead to some very big scenes for Phil as he faces up to Grant’s sacrifice. It would also be the perfect way for a legendary character like Grant Mitchell to be remembered forever as a hero.

Revelation about Mark Jr = closure for Grant

Grant Mitchell and Mark Fowler Jr team up
The only loose thread in the entire character arc of Grant Mitchell is that he is Mark Jr’s father, and neither of them knows. Mark and Grant haven’t been brought to the Square at the same time for this to just be left hanging, so it’s likely there will be a big reveal this week – which would then neatly tie up Grant’s storyline and give him closure.

It would be in true EastEnders’ style to end a family reveal with a tragic pay-off – think Ronnie and Danielle for example.

Phil needs a liver…

Phil and Grant Mitchell share a moment
Perhaps the biggest question mark hanging over EastEnders for the past few months is just how they are going to deal with Phil’s liver condition.

As we saw on Monday, Phil is definitely on borrowed time – but are they really going to kill off such an iconic character, or is he going to get a donated liver?

There were some fan theories not long ago that suggested Peggy Mitchell might donate her liver to Phil, but those rumours proved unfounded. So could the death of Grant Mitchell lead to him saving his family from beyond the grave, by donating a liver to Phil?

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