News: Teasing details about Kathy Beale’s return

News: Teasing details about Kathy Beale’s return

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Kathy Beale

Back in February, in a live episode for the show’s anniversary, viewers were left gobsmacked when Kathy Beale made a brief return to the show. She pulled up in a black cab away from the Square to speak to ex-husband Phil Mitchell before fleeing Walford again. What a tease!

Kathy meets Phil

It was thought that Kathy had died in a car crash in South Africa several years ago, so we are all wondering if she faked her own death. And more importantly, why?

Speaking about her return, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: We’ve storylined her return properly. You’ll see a flash of Kathy again fairly soon and then boom!”

He also admitted that he feels nervous about bringing her back from the dead: “I still feel edgy about it all. We were very careful about doing it. I would only have done it if we had a proper storyline to bring her back. I wouldn’t have done it just for the sake of that week.”

Kathy Beale

Actress Gillian Taylforth who plays Kathy has recently been back on the set of Eastenders to film another brief teaser before her return, but she is yet to film any scenes with Adam Woodyatt, who plays her son Ian Beale.

Though show chiefs and bosses are keeping pretty tight-lipped about Kathy’s upcoming storylines, Treadwell-Collins did say this: “We know that there was a Gavin that she went off with. It’s a big, big story with a lot of twists and turns, as you’ve come to expect from us. There’s Gavin, Kathy and there’s a lot of Phil involved. It’s going to draw in lots of different families from around the Square and it’s not going to be easy for her to come back.”

Are you excited for Kathy’s return? Or should she have been left in the past?

Personally… We cannot wait!



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