Sonia to leave Albert Square, for good?

Sonia to leave Albert Square, for good?

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Sonia leaving EastEnders

She’s been an almost permanent fixture on EastEnders since her debut way back in 1993, so Albert Square wouldn’t quite feel the same without Sonia.

But Sonia, played by Natalie Cassidy, is eager to leave Walford for bigger and better things – and an opportunity presents itself in an upcoming episode.

In a storyline that promises to shake up the Square a bit, nurse Sonia will leave Albert Square after getting an exciting new job offer. What’s more, Sonia will tell her girlfriend Tina Carter that she doesn’t want her to come with her – ouch!

Sonia has been unhappy in her relationship with Tina for quite a while, so the new job offer is the perfect opportunity for an easy way out. But it’s not just about Tina though, Sonia also needs to think about her daughter Bex.

Luckily for her, Bex’s step-mother Stacey steps in and assures Sonia she will look after the teenager. Martin, naturally, thinks this is all a bit selfish of Sonia, and isn’t shy about telling Sonia just that.

In the face of stiff opposition from Martin and Tina, will Sonia be able to muster the courage and follow her dreams away from Albert Square? And will she leave her loved ones on good terms? We can’t wait to find out.

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