Spoiler: Stacey Branning shares some exciting news

Spoiler: Stacey Branning shares some exciting news

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Stacey shares her news with Shabnam

We’ve only just got over Shabnam’s shock pregnancy announcement a few weeks back, but later this week, viewers will find out that EastEnders fave Stacey Branning is also expecting a baby!

After discovering she is with child, Stacey keeps the news to herself but ends up confiding in pal Shabnam when she accompanies her to a birthing class.

Stacey accompanies Shabnam to a baby class

After congratulating her friend, Shabs gives Stacey some advice – to be honest with Martin about what she wants.

Stacey goes with Shabnam to a birthing class

Little does Shabnam know, her husband-to-be is actually a potential father! Awkward!

Before long, word has spead about Stacey’s pregnancy with her ex-lovers Max Branning and Kush Kazemi working it out.

We wonder how Kush will react to the news?!

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