Spoiler: Stan Carter’s final days

Spoiler: Stan Carter’s final days

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Mick and shirley break down

With Stan Carter’s rapidly deteriorating health, he marries Cora Cross at hie hospital bedside before peacefully passing away…

Mick and Shirley bicker

There is a lot of tension between the family next week, particularly between Mick and Shirley, who are at each others throats. It doesn’t help matters when Shirley swans in with Buster. No one is happy to see him! Sick of hearing the pair bicker, Stan tells the pair of them to bury the hatchet. Will they listen? We hope so…

Knowing he hasn’t got long left, Stan tells his family that he doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants to marry Cora as soon as possible.

Sylvie visits Stan

Hours before the wedding, Stan receives a surprise visitor – his ex-wife Sylvie. The pair share an emotional goodbye, which is spotted by Aunt Babe. She is thrilled at the prospect of ruining Stan and Cora’s day with this gossip and wastes no┬átime in telling Cora what she saw.

Unfortunately for Babe, Cora isn’t really that bothered about it. However, when Stan finds out that she’s been meddling, he has some harsh words for Babe and tells her to leave.

Stan and Cora marry

The family gather round Stan’s hospital bed to witness him and Cora become husband and wife.

Later that day, Tina gives in and agrees to go home for a while to get some rest. Leaving Mick and Shirley at the hospital. The pair finally open up to each other about how they are feeling, and Mick tells Shirley he misses her.

Mick and Shirley open up Mick and shirley break down

Realising her son is struggling to see Stan like this, Shirley tells Mick to go home for a while to get some rest, which he does.

However, shortly after, Stan peacefully passes away with Shirley by his side.

Shirley is with her father as he passes away

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