Spoiler: Jack Branning to return to Albert Square

Spoiler: Jack Branning to return to Albert Square

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EastEnders fans will be delighted to hear that the BBC soap have confirmed that Jack Branning is making a return.

We last saw him over the Christmas period where despite rekindling his romance (kind of) with Ronnie AND getting lip friendly with Mick Carter, Jack’s return was brief. Far too brief for our liking.

However, in upcoming episodes, Honey Mitchell decides to give Ronnie a surprise, despite it being her own birthday (someone needs to explain to her how birthdays work!). She tricks Ronnie into playing a game where Jack is the ‘prize’.

Ronnie joins in with the game...
Ronnie joins in with the game…

When Ronnie removes her blindfold and sees Jack, she is completely shocked. But is she good shocked, or bad shocked?! We’ll have to wait and find out.

...Where Jack is the prize!
…Where Jack is the prize!

What we do know is that Ronnie is not happy that Honey got involved and invited Jack. Uh-oh!

Speaking about Jack and Ronnie getting back together, actor Scott Marsden recently implied that it’s all very complicated. He said: “they are destined to be together. But it’s riddled with complexities as EastEnders is”.

What do you think? Will the couple ever get back together?

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