Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell

Phil and Louise Mitchell
You'd think the last thing Phil Mitchell should be doing right now is drinking, given the state of his health and the fact that hi ...
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Grant Mitchell and Mark Fowler Jr team up
Mitchell Week continues on EastEnders with Grant Mitchell seizing the initiative and going after Ben and Jay after Phil takes a tu ...
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Grant and Phil arguing
Mitchell Week begins with the return of Grant Mitchell, who arrives just in the nick of time. Ben and Jay are kidnapped by the sam ...
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Grant and Phil Mitchell in Eastenders
Next week is 'Mitchell's week' in Albert Square, and guess who's back to join in the fun? Yep, Grant is back... again for what pro ...
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Next week, Abi Branning decided it’s time to come clean about her pregnancy – or lack of, as it were. However, just as she is abou ...
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Ian sees the headlines
Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 16th July at 7:30pm on BBC1. The residents of Albert Square are shocked when the front page ...
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Ben asks to take Paul for a spin...
Next week, Ben Mitchell decides to take a big risk to impress new boy Paul Coker. Dad Phil Mitchell receives a tip-off from his ev ...
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Stan learns his fate
Phil returns without Ben... Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 2nd April at 7:30pm on BBC1.  The Carter family have to tell a d ...
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Phil drags Ben into the car
Phil terrorises Ben when he learns the truth about The Arches... Episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 31st March at 7:30pm on BBC1 ...
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Phil isn't best pleased with Ben
Trouble is brewing my friends… After his odd disappearance (and meet up with Kathy Beale?!), Phil Mitchell is back in Albert Squar ...
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