Denise Fox

Denise Fox

Denise and Whitney in hospital - EastEnders
Denise's family are growing concerned as the day of her baby scan arrives. Her sister Kim is adamant that she is going to the hosp ...
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Denise Fox in English class
Denise starts her English lessons and strikes up an immediate bond with her new teacher. Things go so well that she invites the te ...
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Sonia talks to Tina in the cafe - EastEnders
With a new job offer that will take her away from the Square and onto a new stage in her life, Sonia is understandably in high spi ...
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Sonia with Bex and Sylvie in the kitchen - EastEnders
Monday doesn't look like it's going to be a good day for poor old Sonia. With the 'Sylvie situation' still causing tension, Sonia ...
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Denise and Carmel salsa dancing
Things are off to a bad start for Kim's salsa show when Dot pulls out. This leaves Patrick upset, but is there more to it? Later, ...
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Things become too much for Jordan
Viewers saw evil Lucas Johnson back on our screens over the Christmas period after he got in touch with ex-wife Denise Fox, and sh ...
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Next week Denise Fox finally gives in and agrees to go and see her ex Lucas Johnson in prison. Though this might not be one of her ...
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Libby makes a phone call
Libby Fox will be returning to our screens in upcoming scenes but it soon becomes apparent that she is keeping something from her ...
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Nick reveals his true colours
Dot sees just how nasty Nick really is... Episode will be broadcast on Friday 13 February at 8:00pm on BBC 1. Dot pluck up the cou ...
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Kim Fox
Kim Fox has been a breath of fresh air since returning to Albert Square - adding a slice of her trademark humour to some serious e ...
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