Jane Beale

Jane Beale

Les and Pam argue in EastEnders
Ever since the tragic death of Paul, Pam and Les Coker have been struggling. It's got so bad between them that Pam gave Les an ult ...
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Sonia talks to Tina in the cafe - EastEnders
With a new job offer that will take her away from the Square and onto a new stage in her life, Sonia is understandably in high spi ...
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Sonia with Bex and Sylvie in the kitchen - EastEnders
Monday doesn't look like it's going to be a good day for poor old Sonia. With the 'Sylvie situation' still causing tension, Sonia ...
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Lauren is back!
Viewers will be delighted this week when familiar face Lauren Branning returns to Albert Square. And her reason? To get dad Max Br ...
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Jane and Ian look on in horror
  Episode will be broadcast on Friday 17th July at 8:00pm on BBC1. After the shock news earlier in the week that the police h ...
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Ian sees the headlines
Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 16th July at 7:30pm on BBC1. The residents of Albert Square are shocked when the front page ...
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Ian worries about Cindy
Episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 14th July at 7:30pm on BBC1. With Cindy missing, Ian breaks down and admits to Jane that he f ...
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Cindy asks if he'll buy her a drink...
In the coming weeks, teenage Cindy Williams pushes her family away and puts herself in danger... As she gets ready for the prom wi ...
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Front page news
Later this month, a surprise arrest sends shockwaves around Albert Square as the ‘Who Killed Lucy Beale’ storyline rears its head. ...
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Carol brings Cindy home
Next week, Carol Jackson comes to the rescue when she finds a missing Cindy Williams. She takes the teenager back to a worried Bea ...
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