Pam Coker

Pam Coker

Les and Pam argue in EastEnders
Ever since the tragic death of Paul, Pam and Les Coker have been struggling. It's got so bad between them that Pam gave Les an ult ...
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Pam and les Coker in court - EastEnders
Paul Coker' killers are up in court today and, despite Pam's reservations, Les is determined to be there. Pam and Les's ongoing te ...
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Les Coker speech at Paul's wake
Paul's funeral is over and it's all back to the Queen Vic for the wake, but the tensions between Pam and Les Coker continue to rum ...
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Paul Coker's funeral
Emotions are running high on Albert Square as Paul Coker's funeral arrives, and it's clear that the Coker's are struggling to deal ...
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Will Pam believe Paul
Episode will be broadcast on Friday 31st July at 8:00pm on BBc1. Pam is left stunned after her grandson Paul dropped a bombshell, ...
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Pam wants to know what is going on...
Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 30th July at 7:30pm on BBC1. It’s the day of the Coker’s centenary party and Paul tells Les ...
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Episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 28th July at 7:30pm on BBC1. Residents of Albert Square are stunned when a local is finally c ...
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Vincent confronts Claudette
Episode will be broadcast on Monday 27th July at 8:00pm on BBC1. After receiving some exciting news, Paul’s good mood comes crashi ...
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Albert Square will welcome a new face this summer as bosses have cast Jonny Labey to play Paul Coker – the grandson of Les and Pam ...
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