Shirley Carter

Shirley Carter

Pam and les Coker in court - EastEnders
Paul Coker' killers are up in court today and, despite Pam's reservations, Les is determined to be there. Pam and Les's ongoing te ...
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Phil and Louise Mitchell
You'd think the last thing Phil Mitchell should be doing right now is drinking, given the state of his health and the fact that hi ...
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Mick and Buster argue in EastEnders
Buster Briggs has some serious explaining to do later this month, when his son Mick Carter confronts him over his ongoing affair w ...
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Shirley talks to Jade
Don’t fear EastEnders fans… With Bobby Beale being packed up and shipped off to boarding school, it seems we may have a new ‘probl ...
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Will Dean own up to his crimes?
After some very dramatic scenes in the New Year, we saw Dean finally get arrested for his crimes. But with his court case looming, ...
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Shirley and Carol open up to each other
Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 2nd July at 7:30pm on BBC1. After her bombshell, Carol gets a tough time from Buster, Sonia ...
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Shirley confronts Carol
Episode will be broadcast on Tuesday 30th June at 7:30pm on BBC1. Sonia goes with Carol to her hospital appointment where she is t ...
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Jade comes to visit
Episode will be broadcast on Friday 26th June at 8:00pm on BBC1. A shaken, injured Shabnam makes her way to the community centre a ...
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Dean and Shirley bond with Jade
A nervous Dean meets his daughter Jade for the first time next week... Dean Wicks receives some news in upcoming scenes when Buste ...
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Shirley comes clean to Buster
Episode will be broadcast on Thursday 18th June at 7:30pm on BBC1. Buster confronts Shirley about her recent behaviour and she is ...
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