Tuesday 13 September: Sonia’s big news doesn’t go down too well

Tuesday 13 September: Sonia’s big news doesn’t go down too well

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Sonia talks to Tina in the cafe - EastEnders

With a new job offer that will take her away from the Square and onto a new stage in her life, Sonia is understandably in high spirits. Her good mood doesn’t last long though, as those close to her don’t really share her optimism when she breaks the news.

First up she has to talk to her daughter Bex and work out what she wants to do. It’s quickly agreed that Bex will stay in Walford with her father Martin and step-mum Stacey if Sonia decides to make the move away.

Sonia and Stacey chatting - EastEnders

Next up is Tina, who instantly jumps to the conclusion that not only her but also her mum Sylvie will be tagging along with Sonia – awkward!

Martin then shocks Sonia by claiming she is being selfish by leaving Bex behind. With so much at stake, it’s not clear what Sonia will decide to do…

Sonia and Martin chatting - EastEnders

Elsewhere on the Square, Carmel is on cloud nine after reigniting her relationship with Masood last night. But it’s not long before she is brought back down to Earth as Denise has some worrying news for her…

Meanwhile, Ian has a revelation for Jane as they have a heart-to-heart about their recent relationship troubles.

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