Who killed Lucy Beale? Experts believe it was Ben Mitchell

Who killed Lucy Beale? Experts believe it was Ben Mitchell

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Is Ben the killer?

Who killed Lucy? According to experts, Ben Mitchell!

Bookmaker William Hill have teamed up with Cerberus Investigations Limited to try and work out who murdered Lucy Beale. After assessing the clues and details we have been given over the past nine months, they have decided that Ben Mitchell is guilty. (Cue the duff duffs)

Duncan Mee of Cerberus Investigations Ltd said: “Having looked at the evidence, Ben Mitchell clearly sticks out. He is an active criminal who has killed before.

“His dodgy persona is concreted with the robbery at the off-licence on the murder night with accomplice Jay Brown.

“The crucial detail is that CCTV footage shows Jay using a bus to get to the off-licence whereas Lucy’s body was dumped in the woods needing a car and this suggests it could be Ben.”

Many viewers also believe that Ben is the killer as he is 5/1 second favourite, behind Abi Branning at 4/1. Maybe it’s because of his murderous past (he killed Heather Trott remember) that punters are backing him to be the culprit.

William Hill have said that the interest in this storyline has been their biggest TV gamble to date. Previous big whodunit’s were ‘Who Killed Archie?’ which raked in £200,000 and £250,000 for ‘Who Shot JR?’

Luckily, we don’t have to wait too much longer for the killer to be exposed. In the ‘week of revelations’ airing next week (February 16th – 20th), all will become clear. Finally!

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